Inside Vidyadhan Society


Academic Infrastructure :

Multi-discipline faculty, demographically varied student body, relevant specialization, in-depth projects, case students, research and publications.

Physical Infrastructure :

Stress-free learning classromms, seminars halls, board rooms, discussion rooms, with modern furniture, OHP,LCD & DLP Projectors, multimedia enabled lecture facilities, and exclusive facilities for tutorial workshop.

Intellectual Infrastructure :

Knowledge Center, Library, Audio Video Media Room, Communications and Broadband enabled WiFi campus, Library which is open round the clock with over 5000 titles onmanagement, a hundred-phus leading management journals such as Harvard business review, Sloan Management Review, etc...large database of case studies in text and multimedia fordeeper understanding and research. Affiliations with premier library in the city. 

AIMS Incubation Center :

Realizing the need for continuous support and hand-holding, the institute has undertaken aninitiative to develop entrepreneurial and employable skills in the students. Students with business ideas andpropensity for venturing out on their own are provided support facilities in terms of project reports, ideaguidance, project implementation and other such activities. On the other hand, students who are looking foremployment are given trainee opportunities and access to various work environment simulation to acclimatize them with the real world situations.

Adventure Learning Programs :

A major portion of learning can take place outside the classroom - through situations and activitiesthat call for team work, stress management, decision making, leadership, and other qualities required from aprofessional. The Institute organizes periodic outbound and adventure learning programs by taking studentson treks, mountain climbing, river rafting, and other activities to impart this experiential learning.

The Academic Approach :

Towards building solid business skills in a gratifying atmosphere, AIMS has a supportive,close-knit environment, where faculty are readily accessible and students can best develop theirindividual management potential. AIMS curriculum is set apart by three district dimensions :Extensive corporate interface unlimited knowledge access and a unwavering focus on future.

Digital Classroom :

pecious air-conditioned classrooms equipped with the latest teaching aids and audio visualequipment make learning at AIMS truly stimulating experience.

Library :

AIMS has an excellent library of books, periodicals, journals both national and internationalmajor magazines, audio and video casssettes and CD for ready reference. The library is alsoequipped with past exam papers, project report, maps and other reference materials. 

Laptops :

n order to prepare students for the corporate world, all students at AIMS are offered Laptopsas part of the standard kit on joining up.

Hostel & Mess Facility :

AIMS offers separate boarding & lodging facilities for men and women. The facilities are customizedto suit every need and budget. The Hostels have 24 Hrs. wi-fi connectivity.

Group Insurance :

All student of AIMS are covered under our group insurance scheme. Its just another way ofexpressing our genuine concern about the welfare and future of our students.

Alumni Association :

Students passing out of AIMS are offered exclusive lifetime Membership to a full-fledged and activeAIMS Alumni Club. This Club helps keep alive personal interaction between both old and new students andopens exciting career opportunities.  

Sports and Games :

The sports and games facilities at the campus make the students attain physical growth and sportsspirit. Major games like Cricket, Basketball, Football, Volley-ball, Table Tennis, hockey etc. is given primeimportance. Intra-College and intercollegiate matches and sports day events give the students ample opportunity to develop their talents and skills.

Campus :

Ananya College is situated in A/P Kenjal, Tal Bhor, Dist Pune. It is 38 km away from the Pune Railway Station. The atmosphere of this college is eco-friendly with ultra-modern facilities and modern equipment and training.

Transportation, Driving School, Industrial Training and Many more..